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The Energy Club’s goal is to create a community for graduate students interested in energy at UCSD. We are an inclusive group that aims to foster connections across different departments from policy to engineering. Our events promote a diverse range of interests through meetings with companies in industry, seminars on graduate student research, discussions about current events and fun social events. They are open to the entire UCSD graduate community and many have been supported by the Jacobs Graduate Student Council and the Graduate Student Association. Scroll through to learn more and feel free to email us if you want to get involved!

Our Events


We host graduate student seminars, and organize

professor talks across different departments on campus.


We are looking to develop further relationships with companies in order to bridge the gap between academia and industry


We want to connect students across different disciplines and interests through social events such as trips to local breweries and trivia nights.

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Hayley is featured by NSF talking about Na ion batteries!

Energy Club President, Hayley Hirsh, is featured on NSF’s Science Nation, talking about the future and challenges of sodium ion batteries. Hayley is part of Prof. Meng’s lab which focuses on many different types of renewable energy including Li ion batteries and photovoltaics. Check out the video here!    

Upcoming: Energy Communications Research Workshop

Discoveries in research can have great effects on society and our daily lives. Transistors developed at Bell labs have pushed forward space exploration, satellite research enables GPS services and bioluminescence can be used to edit genes. The common root of successful commercialization of these discoveries has been communication. Being able to clearly explain what your […]

Energy Trivia Night

Energy gurus Jon and Oeystein hosted our first ever Energy Trivia Night at Rough Draft in Mesa Nueva and suffice to say, questions got pretty heated. With topics ranging from fundamental science and energy storage to current policies and economics, graduate students from all departments put together their cumulative studies and research to compete against […]

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